The SEO Audit Automation Template (SAAT)


SAAT is a revolutionary template that AUTOMATES the FULL SEO AUDIT PROCESS for you as soon as you import the screaming frog crawl into it. 

The built-in red-yellow-green colour coding in the template makes the whole process a cakewalk that ANYBODY can follow and audit ANY WEBSITE (even without any previous experience whatsoever).

Once you import the data it will automatically highlight everything that needs to be fixed in RED, and GREEN if it’s fine. You need to review the page and make sure everything is the way it should be and consider improving if it highlights anything in YELLOW.

The template is divided into 14 important tabs. Each tab focuses on individual aspects of the whole auditing and analysis process. All the tabs combined result in a holistic health report (audit report) of ANY website in a matter of just a few minutes.

This simple, interactive and easy to use template has literally EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT SEO AUDIT PARAMETER built into it and comes in an excel sheet format. The file can be opened using Google Sheets as well.

All you need to do is simply download and use it. It’s that simple & straightforward!

After downloading, you can use the template as many times as you want to audit as many websites as you like…forever!! There’s no limit! If you feel like it, you can even customize it to suit your needs.

Once you download the template, you will have LIFETIME access to it!

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