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Here at Web Design Company Barrackpore, we design and build affordable websites that help you convert “strangers” into paying customers. Our expertise includes building and designing websites that are responsive, easy to operate and maintain without spending a fortune on maintenance. We build websites using all popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, ecommerce sites using WooCommerce and Shopify, etc. Our website design services extend throughout Barrackpore, Kolkata, and Howrah for both personal, professional, and businesses. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business grow online using gorgeous websites that rank on search engines like Google!

Custom Web Design

We not only provide Barrackpore with individualized custom-tailored websites but also ensure they get seen by other people by helping them rank highly on Google using tested and proven SEO techniques that work. Whether it be for showcasing products, informational site, affiliate site, info product site, personal brand, portfolio site, selling online through ecommerce, our expertise can help give your brand a new boost online that’s affordable, sustainable, meaningful and worth having.

High Quality SEO-friendly content

Imagine you are paying thousands of rupees to a web designer to get your site built, but if that site doesn’t show up on Google for relevant searches, how are people going to know about it? How are they going to discover you or your business? In the online world if something doesn’t get seen, it simply doesn’t exist. That’s a problem, right? The good news is we have the solution to the problem. The solution is high quality relevant content that’s useful to the end user and written in a way that’s understood by the robots of search engines like Google. This is important because if Google doesn’t understand what you’re talking about, it’s never going to rank your site. Therefore, you need to structure and keep updating your site with relevant SEO-friendly content that the end user values. It will help your site get found online, thereby more people visiting it, which ultimately leads to conversion, and that’s exactly the ultimate end goal you care about the most. In other words, a combination of SEO and content marketing done properly will help you get more enquiries, leads, and sales through your website. This is where we can add value by not only building or redesigning your site but also help it get found online.

Optimized for Conversions

As any web designer will tell you, optimizing your website for conversions means maximizing customer interaction. A focused and easy-to-use site makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for, while also encouraging them to explore more of your business. After all, if they don’t feel like they can interact with your company as easily as possible, there’s little chance of becoming a repeat visitor. While some designers might be willing to take an unconventional approach when it comes to their own sites, it doesn’t necessarily make sense for clients who need to streamline their interactions.


Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly aren’t search engine-friendly. Today, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s not friendly to users, period. If you have a website and want to help it rank in Google searches and other sites, invest in making sure it’s mobile-friendly first. We ensure that every single website we work on is mobile-friendly.

Transparent Communication

For a web design company, communication is key. It’s important to know how to speak in a language that both you and your client understand. You must be able to relay your ideas clearly while knowing how best to listen and respond. Clients need clear boundaries and goals so they know what they are getting for their money when they can expect it and who is responsible for which aspect of their project. We don’t leave our clients in the dark after they trust us with their web design.

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